I used to work at a big natural history museum, and this isn't a game about that. It's a game about being sick. I made it for BITSY FEST.

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Being sick is awful, and long Covid makes it worse. The long museum walk... indistinguishable days punctuated by moments of anxiety and terror. Hope you're feeling much better now!

Perfect game to relate the feeling of being sick and in recovery. Thank you for pulling this off and telling your story.

Wish you well and hope you'll someday do the game about the natural history museum you planned. I'm quite intrigued by your description.

Fantastic game. Wishing you well.

This is really evocative, which is so cool to do with such a minimalist approach. I like how the final room truly is a museum gallery of those COVID thoughts and feelings.

You so accurately captured the feeling of having covid in the design of this space. Something about the long, mostly-featureless walk just perfectly evokes that feeling of the days running together and having no real sense of time. I hope things get better.

Thank you! There's something about sick time that's like carceral time, the way it forcibly removes you from social temporality, traps you in your own isolated moments, loops and fragments.